Website Creation Helps for the Beginers

Desire to learn the ABC's of website creation? Congratulations! You just stumbled upon one of the few tutorial sites that persuade you to GET THE FACTS before you create a website. Too many people hurry into the creation process and make costly mistakes.

Start Here and find out what you need to know.

The Perfect Web Site Guide is Free!
No need to pay for books to learn how to create a website and make money online. The only guide you will ever require is right here and it's free!

Download The Perfect Website Guide Here.
(Just Right Click Your Mouse and Save As)

What You Have Needed to Start Your Website
There are two things you absolutely must have to make a static website or a blog:

1) A Domain Name (i.e.:
2) A Website Host

Create A Website or Blog ?

Don't identify the real difference between Website and Blog? Can't make a decision
which one you should create or do you need both?
Learn More About How to Cteate a Blog Here !

Great Web Host for Making Money to Your Website

Site Build It !!! It has more online winner stories than any other web hosting company on the Internet. This unique hosting plan gives a system of tools and outstanding training materials that can assist anyone, regardless of experience, how to make money online.

If you purchase SBI!, you don't require to register a domain name or sign up with hosting from another company. The domain and hosting arrive with the SBI! Package. Web page building tools and a video training guide are also incorporated.

I am using SBI! to build my site Flat Stomach Exercise and completed my investment back in 3 months. It's a great option if you desire to make money as I do with content websites and affiliate marketing.

Making Money With Google Adsense

One way to get money from your site is to join the Google Adsense Program and advertise other people's ads. You will get money every time someone clicks on your ad.

Creating a Website for the First Time


I'll be rounded. Most web hosting companies do not assist you build your website. Their business is to make available the space for your pages, not to teach.

Well, you'll be cheerful to know that I have found a book that I am giving away completely free if you choose as the company to host your site.

It's an electronic (PDF) book so you will read it right from your computer. You'll be able to download it directly from the order confirmation page.

In this book, you'll be trained about the different ways to create your web pages and how to publish them to the Internet. There's also info about how to create a blog, make money and build traffic.

But don't sprint over to their site just yet. Make sure that you understand what's concerned with creating a website. It all begins with registering a domain name.

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